About the Book and Audio Reflections

Salaah Is a Blessing, Not a Burden FRONT COVER for eBook.jpg

Spiritual dehydration. This is what Umm Zakiyyah says is at the root of the soul feeling overburdened by the obligation of Salaah, the five foundational prayers of the Muslim.

“When I was struggling to hold on to my faith,” she says. “I used to dread when it was time to pray. Just mustering the strength to perform ablution and stand for Salaah felt so overwhelming... So, whenever I found myself standing (or sitting) for prayer, my heart wasn’t really in it, and deep inside, I felt spiritually empty.”

In this book and collection of audio reflections, Umm Zakiyyah, internationally acclaimed author and soul-care mentor, reflects on why Salaah often feels burdensome to so many Muslims and how the believer can hydrate their spiritual veins through understanding the immeasurable mercy and blessings of the formal prayer.

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