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You don't have to walk alone.

With this Special-Access Pass, you're gifted with exclusive content from my course I'm Divorced Now: Heartbreak and Healing, including the videos "Healing in Community" and "Five Mistakes Women Make in Seeking Love." You also get a sneak peek into my upcoming book on my confusing journey through love and heartbreak.

This pass is ideal for anyone interested in joining the UZ Heart & Soul Care community but would like a glimpse into this healing space before committing to a premium course or monthly membership.

I look forward to having you join me on this journey.

your sister in faith and struggle,

Umm Zakiyyah

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About Umm Zakiyyah

Umm Zakiyyah, also known by her birth name Ruby Moore, is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of the If I Should Speak trilogy, Muslim Girl, Reverencing the Wombs That Broke You, and The Abuse of Forgiveness. She has written more than twenty-five books, including novels, short stories, and self-help. Her books are used in high schools and universities in the United States and worldwide, and her work has been translated into multiple languages. Her work has earned praise from writers, professors, and filmmakers. Her novel His Other Wife is now a short film. 

Dr. Robert D. Crane, advisor to former US President Nixon, said of Umm Zakiyyah, “…no amount of training can bring a person without superb, natural talent to captivate the reader as she does and exert a permanent intellectual and emotional impact.”

Professor K. Bryant of Howard University said of If I Should Speak, “The novel belongs to…a genre worthy of scholarly study.”

To find out more about Umm Zakiyyah, visit or connect with her via Instagram @uzauthor

Photo of Aliza Kim (far right) with Mizz Nina (far left) and Fara Othman (center), founder of IntoTaqwa Malaysia.
Testimonial from TV Host

“Thank you to Umm Zakiyyah for giving us so many wonderful, inspirational reminders. Please keep doing what you’re doing, because you are saying some of the hard things that we want to talk about but we just don’t know how to verbalize. So when you post things that trigger our emotions and remind us of the good things we should be doing for ourselves and others, it’s a real eye-opener…Please continue to be our voice.”

—Aliza Kim, TV show host and former model and actress

Pictured far right with Mizz Nina (far left) and Fara Othman (center), founder of IntoTaqwa Malaysia. Photo courtesy of IntoTaqwa.

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A Glimpse Into This Book

Your Special-Access Pass gives you a glimpse into this upcoming book about Umm Zakiyyah's confusing journey through love and heartbreak.

...inshaaAllah (God-willing)

Special-Access Pass