The Month of Mercy, Not Perfection LIVE EVENT Special Tadabbur - Ramadan for Imperfect Muslims

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The Month of Mercy, Not Perfection: Ramadan for Imperfect Muslims was held on Sunday, March 10, 2024. This Special LIVE Tadabbur is FREE with the option to add a Sadaqah Investment (charity donation) to help Qur'an students in financial difficulty in Our Beautiful Qur'an Journey program. (women only)

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About This New Edition (2024)

“Ramadan is the month of mercy, not the month of perfection. You’ll still make mistakes, and you’ll still fall short at times. But Allah’s mercy remains. Seek it, and don’t give up.”
—from the journal of Umm Zakiyyah

For the “imperfect Muslim,” Ramadan can be overwhelming, as we feel so much pressure to perfect our lives overnight. In this latest edition of The Month of Mercy, Not Perfection, we are gifted with inspirational quotes and reflections on the backdrop of beautiful abstract art.

With lined, full-color journal pages for each day of the Blessed Month, we are encouraged toward daily self-compassion—no matter how numerous our faults or sins.

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