About This Event

Recently, Umm Zakiyyah did a Zoom call with her younger brother Akram, whom doctors say might need a liver transplant. In their chat, Akram shared the lessons he learned as a divorced single father with health challenges spanning thirty years. “So much of what he spoke about resonated with me deeply,” Umm Zakiyyah says, “and I wanted to share it with others.”

In the event “Learning To Love and Heal,” Umm Zakiyyah is sharing not only a glimpse into her brother’s journey, but also her own. In 2008 at just 27 years old, their younger brother Qaadir lost a battle with cancer after having struggled with the same health challenges Akram is facing now. So today, Umm Zakiyyah and her brother are striving to treasure life through the lens of “living love” instead of only grieving what was lost.

“I’ve shared a lot of my journey through books,” she says. But with this live event, Umm Zakiyyah, along with special guests, is speaking her truth in real-time in hopes of inspiring others to never give up on “living love.”

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