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Umm Zakiyyah, also known by her birth name Ruby Moore, is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of the If I Should Speak trilogy, Muslim Girl, Reverencing the Wombs That Broke You, and The Abuse of Forgiveness. She has written more than twenty-five books, including novels, short stories, and self-help. Her books are used in high schools and universities in the United States and worldwide, and her work has been translated into multiple languages. Her work has earned praise from writers, professors, and filmmakers. Her novel His Other Wife is now a short film. She is also a world renowned speaker and teacher. To learn more about her, visit

I'm Choosing To Love Alone

What does it mean to “love alone”? In a sentence, loving alone is a journey of self-love, soul nourishment, and establishing healthy boundaries for the sake of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In essence, this means that you see the relationship with your soul as the most important relationship in your life. Choosing to love alone is a journey of embracing healthy self-care such that every step you take is mindfully soul-centered. When you walk this soul-nourishing path, you make the conscious intention to value your emotional and spiritual health above all else, while remaining compassionately present for yourself, even when you fall short or sin.

Loving alone doesn't mean living alone, and loving alone doesn't mean shunning the blessed soul companionship of marriage.

As it relates to your connection to other souls on earth, loving alone means embracing only those relationships that nourish your deepest emotional and spiritual needs, and it means establishing healthy boundaries with those that deplete or harm your emotional and spiritual health.

When you choose to love alone, you humbly welcome love into your life. However, your self-worth and self-love don’t depend on another person’s presence or validation. 

At this stage in my healing journey, choosing to love alone means that "my current relationship status" is being in an exclusive, committed relationship with my soul.

As some of you know, I'm recently divorced and choosing to heal in community instead of shame. During this journey, I'm striving to walk in shukr (sincere gratitude) and remain thankful for the countless blessings that my Merciful Creator has given me in my former soul companion.

During this time, I'm also reflecting on the lessons I've learned from my journey through love and heartbreak, which began when I was only 18 years old. So, I'm expanding my Choosing To Love Alone series to include the premium course: "I'm Divorced Now: Heartbreak and Healing."

You can hear more about my personal journey in your "Choosing To Love Alone (UZ Membership)" subscription.

My prayer is that my story and lessons inspire and benefit other struggling souls, even if your personal trial is different from mine.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. I look forward to sharing more of my heart with you.

May our Merciful Creator allow us to be a soul-nourishing support for each other on this path.

Your sister in faith and humanity,

Umm Zakiyyah

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