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Come Back To Allah, Dear Soul, Salaah Coursebook eBook SAMPLE EXCERPT.pdf

So many of us struggle with our Salaah (the five foundational prayers of the Muslim) whether our hearts feel distracted or empty, or we regularly neglect or delay our prayers. In this interactive coursebook, which accompanies Umm Zakiyyah’s online course Come Back To Allah, Dear Soul, our hearts are reminded of the soul-nourishing connection between us and our Merciful Creator, and of the weightiness of Salaah in our lives and souls—even when we are in the midst of emotional pain and confusion and feel “too weak” to pray. 

We are also reminded to guard our hearts from ostensibly compassionate messages that make us feel comfortable neglecting the Salaah during times of difficulty, under the assumption that we’ll build up to all five prayers “one day.” But in truth, Salaah is the spiritual lifeline between us and our Creator, even when our hearts feel distant from Allah and our emotional pain overwhelms us.

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