Clarification About This Course

This course covers the importance of maintaining a connection to our Merciful Creator through the Salaah. It also cautions against the increasingly popular “step-by-step” approaches that allow Muslims to feel comfortable abandoning the Salaah so long as they are convincing themselves that they are “building up” to praying all five prayers “one day.”

However, it is important to note that the topics covered herein are intended for Muslims who are either currently praying and struggling (or could benefit from further inspiration), or who have abandoned the Salaah in part or whole.

This course is not addressing new Muslims who do not yet know how to pray, and thus need time to learn the prayer before they fulfill this pillar of Islam properly. Nevertheless, it is my prayer that this course is a benefit to all who take it, even new Muslims who wish to better understand the importance of Salaah in Islam.


Your sister in faith and struggle,

Umm Zakiyyah

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