Healing and Living Love (About This Course)

In this collection of more than 20 videos, Umm Zakiyyah shares a relaxed chat she had with her younger brother, Akram, via Zoom, where he reflects on his personal challenges and triumphs — and ten (10) lessons he learned along the way.

At ten years old, Akram Siddeeq was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, the same illness that their younger brother, Qaadir, struggled with until he passed away at 27 years old due to cancer of the gall bladder in 2008.

Today, at 41 years old, Akram's battle continues as he faces a possible liver transplant. Yet he maintains a positive mindset and remains dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and a faith-centered path of gratefulness. Meanwhile, despite his trials as a divorced, single father, he looks forward to remarrying and finding love again.

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