Prejudice Bones in Her Body: Five Ways Misogyny in Religious Communities Mirrors Anti-Black Racism

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  Prejudice Bones in Her Body: Special LIVE Black History Month Tadabbur
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Inspiration for this Event

This special LIVE Tadabbur event during Black History Month sheds light on two dark shadows that hide in plain sight in our Muslim communities: anti-Black racism and the "Islamicized" version of misogyny, wherein Muslim women are expected to accept mistreatment and being viewed as "less than" in the name of piety.

In 2018 my book Prejudice Bones in My Body was released, which includes essays on Muslim racism and spiritual abuse. The title Prejudice Bones in My Body came from a blog I wrote by the same name, which includes personal reflections on how dhulm (oppression and wrongdoing) can only be removed from the world if we first acknowledge the traces of it in our own heartseven if we are victims of oppression ourselves.

Another essay in the book is entitled "I Hope We All Die Together" which shares the heartbreaking hope of a young girl already deeply scarred by both anti-black racism and misogyny. The current version shared here is a small excerpt of the original version.

See "Glimpse Inside" above and press "PREVIEW" to read both reflections, which inspired this latest event (and hopefully, upcoming book).

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