Let's Write a Book Together (special project)

Our Beautiful Qur'an Journey (Book): As an optional group project, Tadabbur students, along with instructor Umm Zakiyyah, have the opportunity to inspire others to reflect on the Qur'an in a special collection of their journal reflections.

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In Our Beautiful Qur'an Journey (Tadabbur), students journal their Qur'an reflections daily or weekly, and though these reflections are private, if they choose, students can share their reflections with other Tadabbur students.

So as an optional group project, we're offering Tadabbur students the opportunity to inspire others to reflect on the Qur'an.

This optional group project is a book comprised of a collection of reflections on the Qur'an as shared by the students in the Tadabbur program, along with internationally acclaimed author and soul-care mentor, Umm Zakiyyah, inshaaAllah.

The purpose of the book is to inspire others to reflect on the Qur'an and to stay connected to the Book of Allah in a way that nourishes the soul and betters one's life.

As a Tadabbur student, participation in this project is completely voluntary.

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