About Our Tadabbur Program

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Our Tadabbur program has three (3) facets and is rooted in supporting your lifetime commitment to nourishing your emotional and spiritual health:

(1) "UZ Soul Tribe" membership: This aspect of the Tadabbur program grants students an all-access UZ Heart & Soul Care pass to all courses and eBooks available at uzhearthub.com.

(2) Live Classes and Discussions: This aspect of the Tadabbur program includes any one or more of the following:

  • UZ Live Masterclasses (for emotional, spiritual, and personal development)
  • UZ Life Sharing (i.e. Umm Zakiyyah sharing parts of her personal journey in connection to how certain ayaat of the Qur'an inspired specific life lessons)
  • Live, interactive discussions with Umm Zakiyyah and special guests

(3) Guided Independent Study: This aspect of the Tadabbur program overlaps parts of the "UZ Soul Tribe" membership and UZ Life Sharing and may include any of the following:

  • Qur'an journaling
  • writing for reflection and/or healing
  • weekly or monthly assignments for emotional and spiritual nourishment and self-improvement

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