UZ's Father Passes Away in 2019

In Loving Memory of Imam Muhammad Siddeeq (June 21, 1937 - July 27, 2019)

"Over 400 people gathered July 30, 2019 at Martin University to pay their respects and offer 'janazah' (the Islamic funeral prayers) to longtime community activist, educator and Muslim leader, Muhammad Siddeeq, who passed away July 27 after a spirited 10-year battle with myeloma... Attendees included Congressman André Carson, former State Sen. Billie Breaux, religious leaders of many faiths, noted Atlanta developer Noel Khalil and many other local community leaders and clergy."* READ MORE HERE

*From Indianapolis Recorder article entitled "The passing of a husband, father, social activist — a warrior for social justice" by Michael Saahir and Taqwa Siddeeq (August 1, 2019)

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