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About the Book

In early 2021, internationally acclaimed author and soul-care mentor, Umm Zakiyyah, launched her groundbreaking Qur’an program entitled “Our Beautiful Qur’an Journey,” which offers Tajweed, Hifdh, and Tadabbur for women all over the world.

What makes this program distinct is its unique focus on studying the Book of Allah from the perspective of self-love, emotional wellness, and spiritual honesty for the female soul. 

The Arabic term tadabbur refers to sincere reflection or contemplation, as mentioned in the ayah (divine verse) of the Qur’an that has been translated to mean: “Do they not then think deeply on the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up?” (Muhammad, 47:24).

The Tadabbur program at Our Beautiful Qur’an Journey focuses on reflecting on the Qur’an for the purpose of soul-nourishment and self-improvement. Each week the women of Taddabur write journal reflections rooted in sincerity, humility, and vulnerability inspired by ayaat (divine verses) from the Qur’an that they are reading and studying.

This book offers a glimpse into their heartfelt soul-reflections.

About the Event

Watch the LIVE playback of Umm Zakiyyah and the women of Our Beautiful Qur'an Journey (Tadabbur) on Sunday, October 31st, 2021 at 11:00am EST (Eastern Time USA) for this special Book Release event.

Also, enjoy your eBook download of Our Beautiful Qur'an Journey: Collection of Soul Reflections.

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About Our Beautiful Qur'an Journey (Tadabbur)

The Arabic term tadabbur refers to sincere reflection or contemplation and is taken from the ayah in the Qur'an that has been translated to mean: "Do they not then think deeply in the Qur'an, or are their hearts locked up?" (Muhammad, 47:24).

Our Tadabbur program is taught by Umm Zakiyyah (along with special guests) and is designed for students of all levels. Students selected for Tadabbur are committed to connecting to the Qur'an in a way that nourishes their emotional and spiritual health. The goal of Tadabbur is to inspire lifetime commitment to Qur'an-centered personal improvement in our daily lives.

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Photo of Umm Zakiyyah in blue hijab

About Umm Zakiyyah

Known for her soul-touching books and spiritual reflections on the Qur'an and emotional healing, Umm Zakiyyah is a world renowned author and soul-care mentor.

Daughter of American converts to Islam, Umm Zakiyyah, also known by her birth name Ruby Moore, is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of more than twenty-five books, including novels, short stories, and self-help. Her books are used in high schools and universities in the United States and worldwide, and her work has been translated into multiple languages. Her work has earned praise from writers, professors, and filmmakers. 

Dr. Robert D. Crane, advisor to former US President Nixon, said of Umm Zakiyyah, “…no amount of training can bring a person without superb, natural talent to captivate the reader as she does and exert a permanent intellectual and emotional impact.”

Professor K. Bryant of Howard University said of If I Should Speak, “The novel belongs to…a genre worthy of scholarly study.”

Umm Zakiyyah has a BA degree in Elementary Education, an MA in English Language Learning, and Cambridge’s CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults).

Umm Zakiyyah studied Arabic, Qur’an, Islamic sciences, ‘aqeedah, and tafseer in America, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia for more than fifteen years. She currently teaches tajweed (rules of reciting Qur’an) and tafseer.